A Privileged Moment for Change


Dr. Cynthia Brattesani

The speed of developing technology in the modern world is accelerating all around us, and this change raises the bar for competitive requirements. Dr. Brattesani’s implementation of in-office CBCT imaging helped to raise the capabilities of her practice on that competitive bar and also allowed her to differentiate her brand with patients. In this presentation, Dr. Brattesani will share the ways 3D technology has helped her to respect her patients beyond the Golden Rule. She will review examples of researched scientific methods for ethical patient persuasion and show how these methods have improved her patients’ experiences by motivating and empowering them to make optimal dental health choices.

Learning Objectives:

  • How 3D CBCT makes a real difference in and enhances patients' total experience
  • The Platinum Rule, and how 3D fits into this rule
  •  Effective ways we can help persuade and “pre-suade” patients to make the most appropriate choices for their health through ethical influence