CBCT, A Legal Sword or a Shield: The law, cases and tips for compliance with the Standard of Care 3D imaging


Art Curley

According to expert witnesses and as evidenced by recent jury verdicts, CBCT has become a standard of care in some aspects of dentistry. Claims against dentists have involved failure to employ CBCT, document findings and storage. At the same time, patients are using CBCT data to support claims against dentists. This course will provide the legal foundation for practitioners considering, documenting and using CBCT in their practice, responding to complications, and claims of malpractice. Tips on reducing exposure to liability and increasing patient compliance will be discussed.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the legal obligations and prohibitions for the use of CBCT  
  • Have the tools to communicate and document the patient decision process when utilizing CBCT
  • Be able to implement patient and staff management protocols to help lessen liability in case of complications