Is 3D Really a Game Changer?


Dr. Stuart Frost

3D cone beam computed tomography use has simplified diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontics, and those that have embraced this technology have not only reinvigorated their practices,  they have found new ways to use this technology to help change lives and make their patients healthier.  Airway-centered orthodontic practices have become a reality, and orthodontists are using these new treatment modalities to grow their practices and lead their communities in new and innovative ways.  Once a dental colleague in your community is educated about what you are doing in your practice with 3D, especially with airway, you will have a new referral source and increase your patient base.  

Learning Objectives:

  • How to create an airway-centered approach to treatment of patients
    A) How this approach may enhance patients’ lives
    B) How this approach strengthens relationships with the referring clinicians
  • Why 2D pans and 2D cephs have taken a back seat to 3D treatment planning and 3D treatment
  • The ease of marketing 3D practices to the dental community