The Foolishness, Folly, and Fantasy of Conventional Radiography


Dr. John Graham

Once upon a time, 3D imaging with cone beam scanning technology was fascinating, overwhelming, and expensive; however today, we orthodontists find ourselves in a time where the experience of thousands of practitioners has shown our profession how handicapped we are when relying on two-dimensional data to make diagnostic and treatment decisions. Times and technology have changed, and the risk-benefit scales have tipped in favor of 3D CBCT as the gold standard of dental radiography. In this fast-paced, clinically oriented and entertaining presentation, Dr. Graham makes the case that routinely relying on two-dimensional radiography is not only unfair to patients but may expose practitioners to significant legal liability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the dangers of relying on two dimensional radiography for diagnosis and treatment
  • Weigh risk vs. benefits of CBCT scanning
  • Understand the advantages, both diagnostically and financially, of using 3D CBCT as the practice’s only radiographic tool