Beyond Straight Teeth

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Dr. Juan-Carlos Quintero & Dr. Sean Carlson

Simply focusing on straightening teeth is underutilizing the power of orthodontics to transform your patient’s lives. Join this group of esteemed orthodontists as they share with you their journey from 2D to 3D. Learn how their new modern approach to orthodontics focuses not only on great bites and smiles but also helps to address sleep-disordered breathing. You will understand how CBCT technology is giving orthodontists information that helps them to dramatically improve airway health, treatment efficiency, and patient communication. Better yet, you'll understand why 3D technology is the inevitable future of our specialty. Learn from these experts as they share years of painful mistakes and practice-changing pearls that will help you make the transition to 3D. This game-changing full-day Orthodontic Summit is sure to forever change the way you practice and see your patients.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of CBCT technology
  • Have learned how to incorporate airway health into their practices
  • Understand the advantages that 3D imaging has over 2D, and why these experts would never go back