How To Succeed With CBCT in Ortho, TMD, and Sleep


Dr. Daniel Klauer

Dr. Klauer is a full-time practicing dentist in South Bend, IN who limited his practice to TMD and Sleep Dentistry in 2013. In this lecture he will walk you through his journey into the CBCT world, which started at the 3D Congress Meeting in 2012. The presenter will share his experiences and be an open book for all the attendees. The TMD and sleep therapy area of dentistry is now experiencing exponential growth. Dr. Klauer will cover topics such as reading images, billing for images, new-patient generation, case acceptance, team development, utilization of CBCT for ortho, TMD, and sleep therapy, plus how to realize the cost savings to both patients and the practice.  If you're considering purchasing a CBCT or recently have done so, this lecture is a good opportunity to learn how CBCT transformed Dr. Klauer's career nearly overnight.


Learning Objectives:

  • How the information from CBCT scans can help improve patient outcomes for Ortho, TMD and Sleep Therapy
  • How to develop the potential for TMD and Sleep Therapy treatments for patients who need it
  • Ways to realize cost savings via adopting CBCT