How You Can be a Hero to Your Patients!


Ms. Christine Taxin

Learning how to utilize a CBCT scan can help you better diagnose patients and help increase case acceptance. Since 1971, CT scan information has assisted clinicians to offer treatments that have helped patients live longer and function better.  You can be a “hero” by using this technology to show your patients why they need certain types of treatment. Compared to 2D radiographs, 3D scans can offer the most comprehensive information so you can meet your goal to render exceptional patient care. Proper coding of claims for this type of imaging can be an added benefit you’re your patients. In the process, you will let your patients know how much they matter to you.


Learning Objectives:

  • Become the “hero” that can bring patients back to health and wellness, and help them gain the most benefit from insurance—they will noticethe clinician’s and the practice’s willingness to go the extra mile
  • Document functional needs so that claims billing will have the necessary attributes to help facilitate insurance carrier payments